Trike Lights and Customization


The Roxy Ride dog carrier is an option for those who want to take their  best friend along. The carrier comes in several sizes and can be painted  to match your trike. At Leola Motortrikes and More, we do not recommend putting  your pet in a carrier behind your cycle. This puts your pet at risk of  inhaling exhaust fumes and becoming ill.



Engine lights in daytime. Lizard lights, and most LED lights are               Engine lights in dark room

2mm or 3mm. These lights are 5 mm, the brightest on the market.


Close up of lights inside fender                                                               Rows of lights on underside of trike

Lights that line the inside of each fender







Custom Dynamics green LED light strips hidden under the trike, under the tourpack and under the front forks. This creates a glow when the trike is lit up at night.


Blue Custom Dynamics LED lights on a Honda VTX trike installed during the triking process. Lights can be installed any time, however, if they are installed during the triking process you do save on labor costs. These lights come in a rainbow of colors so we can make a match to your color scheme.